Insoles for Running

Running shoe inserts are designed to restore your natural foot function and work with the movement of your feet through every phase of your stride realigning your feet to their neutral position. They function in preventing injuries related to the pressure and strain of running by providing extra absorption, arch support, comfort, cushioning and support to a runner’s feet. They also enhance the fit of one’s shoes and prevents injuries caused by intense pressure to the muscles and joints of your lower limbs. Many bio mechanical complaints such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain are caused by poor foot function which is the foundation of the body’s bio mechanical support system.Insoles for running realign the foot and ankle bones as well as alleviating certain foot conditions, such as overpronation, supination, and fallen arches. Common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis are thus alleviated. As these insoles are specifically made for running, they also contain other beneficial features, such as shock absorption and antibacterial technology. They prevent elongation, shifting, misalignment and strain to runner’s feet. As running is a high impact activity it puts considerable strain on both legs and feet requiring them to move and adjust at a rapid pace. Runners who are prone to running injuries will benefit from running inserts as a result of the considerable reduction in rear foot movement and the velocity of pronation.Insoles for running are constructed using specific shapes and materials to work with the foot while running. They are engineered to improve balance and co-ordination, protecting the joints from impact and excessive wear and tear. At the same time they increase comfort and the performance of your running footwear.



Insoles for running are made of high quality, high tech materials that contracts and rebounds as you run to provide the appropiate level shock absorption and to reduce fatigue. Premium insoles for running contain materials which are resistant to moisture, bacteria and fungus. The arches in running insoles prevent back, foot and leg pain. They help to counteract the additional stress being placed on your feet especially in the case of heavier individuals.[flgallery id=3 /]All leading running insole manufacturers design running insoles which fit comfortably into running shoes. They provide an ideal solution for enhancing the comfort, performance, fit and life of your footwear. All high quality inserts contain the appropriate amount of arch support, a deep heel cup and an orthotic correction. Since these insoles are specifically made for running, they are flexible and also also contain other beneficial features, such as shock absorption in the heel and forefoot to help with cushioning and support. They are manufactured with high quality, high tech materials, such as dual layered light weight memory foam that contracts and rebounds as you run. The composition of the material in a running insole ensures the correct level of weight distribution and shock absorption. Insoles for running are resistant to moisture, bacteria and fungus. As you run the insoles will help you feel more comfortable, balanced and supported. In addition to preventing wear, tear and injuries, a good pair of running insoles will promote injury free running.Running puts a lot of pressure on various points of the foot, requiring it to move and adjust at a rapid pace. When the delicate structure of the arch isn’t supported correctly, the heel isn’t stabilized, and alignment isn’t achieved, you aren’t just risking pain and injury you are virtually guaranteeing it. It is essential that you protect your feet with insoles that provide the right amount of stability, arch support, shock absorption, and cushioning. This will ensure injury prevention. As a runner you will feel better and more comfortable using branded running inserts under your feet.