Birkenstock Insoles


Birkenstock BirkoSport Arch Support Insoles

This two part arch support system is made up of two seperate insoles providing moderate support and cushioning for the entire foot when running. Each piece can be worn separately or together. The insoles are recommended for low to average arch feet and are is made specifically for sports shoes. The cork heel cup forces your foot in the proper alignment and helps keep the padding under the heel bone for cushioning on impact. The insoles can be washed lightly with a mild detergent.


Birkenstock Birko Active Arch Support Insoles

These full length arch support insoles have an anatomically shaped footbed and shock absorbing, flexible forefoot that takes the strain off your feet during high impact activities like running. The highly flexible forefoot area offers support and comfort absorbing shock. It flexes with your feet minimizing strain on feet, knees and hips. The anatomically shaped arch support helps to align feet properly and improve balance in high impact areas. The semi rigid polycarbonate base is topped with a wicking mesh liner for added comfort and breathability. The insoles are recommended for low to average arch feet.


Birkenstock Birko Contact Sport Wide Arch Support Insoles

These insoles are a full length, semi rigid orthotic arch support insole and are ideal for low to neutral arch types. They feature a microfiber lined foam top coat that provides a deep heel cup for natural cushioning and shock absorption. They include a natural contoured arch support for longitudinal medial arch support, and a low impact metatarsal support. The EVA base provides flexibility and also helps absorb shock while molding to your feet over time for superior comfort. A foam liner mid base provides additional shock absorption and comfort while a microfiber top cover ensures a softer feel. Their raised side flanges help in controlling foot movement and stability to reduce both overpronation and supination. The orthotic arch design provides proper foot alignment and balances out foot impact areas for shock absorption. The deep heel cup provides natural cushioning, shock absorption, and protects the heel bone for foot pain relief.