Powerstep Running Insoles

Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Insoles

are an excellent economical alternative to custom orthotics. The fundamental design of this running insole became the template from which all other Powerstep insoles were developed. These running insoles have an encapsulated design providing a flexible support shell together with firm and total contact support. As well as the built in full arch support and dual layer cushioning there is a heel cradle for additional stability. These orthotics alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Their ultra thin and plain design fit most athletic shoes to offer foot support and are excellent for moderate pronators.

Powerstep Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

are a popular running insole due to their versatility and capability to ease the pain caused by foot conditions. The Pinnacle is excellent in providing optimum control, comfort, spring, arch support, stability and cushioning while running. The support shell is both firm and highly supportive. These insoles for running also have a built in foot support and heel cradle suitable for controlling motion and stability. The Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) of Powerstep makes room for the controlled cushioning onto your foot with its dual layer. The design also features total contact support while the top anti microbial top fabric layer of the insole promotes cool and dry feet reducing heat and friction.

Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle Maxx Insoles

have a semi rigid shell, arch support, plush foam and angled heel platform for greater control and support providing increased stability, motion control and comfort.
One of the benefits of this running insole is the Variable Cushioning Technology. This provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel as well as a durable EVA foam base. The anti microbial top fabric keeps your feet comfortable and dry by preventing friction and heat while running. The insoles require no trimming and can be transferred from one pair of running shoes to another. It is an ideal orthotic insert for preventing and alleviating pain.

Powerstep Women’s Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

are medical grade insoles offering the perfect blend of foot control, spring and cushioning to facilitate optimum comfort. They include dual layer cushioning with a plush top layer, built in arch support and heel cradle to help stabilize the foot. The encapsulated design and semi rigid shell gives you flexibility and full arch support for mild to moderate pronators and helps relieve foot pain due to a variety of conditions including plantar fasciitis. The Pinnacle Pink’s deep heel cradle protects and stabalizes your heel during the heavy impact of landing during running. The anti microbial top fabric reduces heat and friction during strenuous activity, keeping your feet healthier and more comfortable.

Powerstep Journey Wool Shoe Insoles

are designed specifically for use on rugged terrain. The journey wool features a supple wool top fabric for excellent moisture wicking and temperature regulation. While insulating against heat and cold the wool also offers a layer of cushioning combined with foam for comfort all the year around. The semi rigid foot support is calibrated for flexibility. The double shock absorbing eva/vct cushionioning foam layer provides enhanced comfort, absorbing the impact of each step. The versatile styling fits in a variety of trail running shoes.

Powerstep Archlite Shoe Inserts

are the perfect choice if you’re looking for relief from foot discomfort and need extra cushioning in your running shoes. These full length insoles are made with a plush VCT Variable Cushioning Technology top foam layer as well as a durable EVA foam base so your feet are more comfortable than with standard insoles. ArchLite insoles require no trimming and are easily transferrable to multiple pairs of athletic shoes.
The anti microbial top cover helps reduce heat and friction and foot odor. They are a great alternative for people who are unable to use arch support insoles.

Powerstep Wide Fit Full Shoe Inserts

are full length orthotic arch support insoles providing maximum cushioning and maximum support for the ultimate in foot comfort and pain relief for those with a wider foot. The foot support is constructed of semi rigid polypropylene sealed in two layers of foam and calibrated to provide firmer arch support to resist “bottoming out” under weight. With a wider profile than other powerstep products, the Wide Fit orthotic fits in wide width shoes and offers a stable heel cup for additional support and motion control. The deep heel cup in the wide fit orthotic helps to stabilize and protect the heel. These Firm well shaped orthotics insoles are a major foot saver for those runners with big, wide feet and flat/weak arches. They help with reducing the pain from plantar fasciitis and bone spurs.