Powerstep Running Insoles


Powerstep Comfort Last Cushioning Insoles

These full length insoles combine shock absorbing gel technology and slow recovery foam to give you maximum comfort. Plush cushioning throughout the full length of the insole and shock absorbing gel at the heel soften the impact of each step you take. These gel insoles feature VCT® Variable Cushioning Technology, a high performance foam formulation that provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel. They are ideal for preventing and alleviating metatarsal, arch or heel discomfort and sore aching feet. The foam softens and conforms to the foot over time, taking a custom like impression of the foot. The anatomically contoured shape incorporates an arch support and heel cradle to give you enhanced comfort. The top fabric cover is both heat and friction reducing and contains an antimicrobial coating for reducing odors.


Powerstep Pinnacle PLUS Orthotic Insoles with Met Pad

The Powerstep Pinnacle Plus are amedical grade full Length Orthotic shoe insoles featuring built in metatarsal support to spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to help alleviate pain. The Pinnacle Plus provides the perfect blend of foot control, flexibility and cushioning. The encapsulated design with a firm but flexible support shell, built in arch support and heel cradle offers stability and motion control. The Pinnacle Plus has a double layer cushioning with Shock absorbing EVA/VCT for enhanced comfort as well as a raised Metatarsal Pad. The plush cushioning with VCT® Technology increases stability and comfort in athletic shoes providing targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft and supportive feel. The antimicrobial top fabric reduces friction and keeps the feet cool The top of the insole is covered with a friction reducing anti microbial top fabric.


Powerstep Wide Fit Orthotic Insoles

These semi rigid orthotic arch support insoles are the perfect insole for those with wider running shoes ensuring maximum cushioning and maximum support for the ultimate in foot comfort and pain relief while reducing stress on feet, ankles, and joints. The VCT variable cushioning technology and EVA outer foam layer create a firmer arch support providing stability and resistance to ‘bottoming out’ under weight. The deep heel Cup helps to stabilize and protect the heel. The anti microbial top fabric is heat and friction reducing, helping to prevent foot odors and bacteria.


Powerstep ArchLite Cushioning Insoles

These cushioning insoles help relieve foot discomfort by providing dual layer cushioning from heel to toe. They are the perfect choice if you’re looking for relief from foot discomfort and need extra cushioning and less support in your running shoes. They are a great alternative for people who are unable to use arch support insoles. The insoles feature a plush VCT® top foam layer and durable EVA foam base. The VCT Variable Cushioning Technology provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel. The top cover has a heat and friction reducing antimicrobial design to help keep feet dry and comfortable.


Powerstep Endurance Insoles

These ultra thin lightweight insoles provide light arch support and moderate cushioning in a super slim low profile design. They feature VCT® Variable Cushioning Technology foam with targeted PORON® cushioning at the heel and ball of the foot providing protection and comfort in high impact areas. A flexible arch shell provides light, consistent support. These ultra thin insoles have a foam base and mesh coating which is water resistant to keep your feet dry. They are ideal for those preferring less rigid arch support but more comfort while running. The low profile design fits in a variety of running shoes.