Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles

The Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles are designed for neutral to high arch types who need a little more spring under their feet. They have a semi rigid orthotic arch support and a full length trim to fit footbed. The slim, contoured shape helps stabilize and support the foot reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees. They feature a deep heel cup, stabilizer cap, high density foam, and a biomechanical shape for maximum shock absorption and support. The reinforced stabilizer cap at the base of the insole supports the rearfoot and provides structure and stability to the aerospring dual comfort foam layer. They are designed specifically to fit the size and shape of men’s feet and footwear improving shock absorption and control when running. The insole features a patented stabilizer cap for optimal underfoot support along with a full forefoot shock panel and a new contouring rebound full length foam. When integrated with the shape and design of the full length foam, this unique combination creates a deep heel cup cradles the heel’s fat pad for improved natural shock absorption. Because the heel is the foot’s first point of contact with the ground, their deep heel cup design absorbs shock and initiates proper bone alignment. The high density full length foam supports and provides comfort for the entire foot from heel strike to toe off.

Superfeet Orange has a NXT anti bacteria top cover coating which helps reduce bacteria and prevent foot odor. The deep narrow heel cup cradles the heel’s fat pad for improved natural shock absorption during high impact activities and long distances. The responsive full length high impact foam layer supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort. The high Impact foam at the forefoot provides greater shock absorption when running on hard, unforgiving surfaces. An all natural coating eliminates odor causing bacteria. These running inserts are ideal for the treatment and prevention of Achilles Tendonitis, Arch Pain & Arch Strain, Bunions, Flat Feet & Fallen Arches, High Arches, Over Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis, Sever’s Disease, Shin Splints, and Supination. These are latex free and can be trimmed to size. They have an arch height of 30mm, a thickness at the forefoot of 4.00 mm while the thickness at the heel is 8.0 mm.